Lajarna Aravinth began his journey in photography as a travel photographer.  Lajarna set foot into the wedding industry as a freelance photographer working for many well-known companies across the UK for several years. Having grown so much interest in wedding photography, Lajarna began to expand his skills and quickly became a well known photographer within the industry. Lajarna is known for his keen eye on details and in-depth experience and understanding of asian weddings, especially Tamil, Gujurati, South Indian and North Indian Hindu Wedding Ceremonies. Many of his clients applaud him for the amount of time he spends to get each and every moment captured to the best of his efforts. 

Having captured over 50+ weddings in the last few years, Wedisson Award Winning Photographer, Lajarna aims to create everlasting memories from the most significant parts of your event.  



Nivedha Raj, the creative head of Lajarna Aravinth Photography is a Psychology Graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, and by profession a Classical Indian Dancer. Nivedha spends most of her time during Wedding ceremonies and pre-weddings photoshoots with the bride and groom. She uses her knowledge of modelling and posture to position and direct the couples to enhance the emotions and meaning of each moment captured. 

She believes that the stress and chaos before or during a ceremony can effect every photograph immensely. Her comforting skills as well her keen eye for perfection in both makeup and outfits, especially sarees always plays a key part for our happy clients.

Nivedha therefore ensures that every bride and groom enters the ceremony hall prepared for a click from any angle!




Thanushanth (Thanu) is also a very well known photographer and freelance model. Thanu is especially known for his passion in taking close up images of intricate details of the ceremony. 

Thanu has also worked as a freelance photographer and videographer for many media companies across the UK. Having comprehensive understanding about lighting and lighting equipment, Thanu plays a key role within the team.